Friday, June 5, 2009


is so tiring.
and it can be boring, when all the 'hits' go everywhere but into the court, and the opponent's serves seem impossible to return.
not to mention the pressure is increasing (as the match is so near, but my skills can still be scaled as 1.5 to ZERO ONLY), it can turn tennis from boring to annoying.

but i'm no coward.
I'm not good in tennis, but my name is in, so fight i must (and win if i can).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

unspoken feelings.

my heart is missing something so much i'm beginning to dream about it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


If only i can make my head feels better and thinks less just by jotting down some of its 'content' here.
i always want somethings, and when i decide to go after those 'things', i'll be forced to face lots of trouble, headache, and kusutness before i get to own them. And then i feel like letting those things go, but i can't. not anymore.
life ain't easy.
I know, i do.
but i wish it could be easier.
as a kid i thought when i grew up i wouldn't have any problems.
Adults seem able to handle anything. Throw any puzzles to them, they'll be able to solve them. Adults always have the answers to questions. Adults do so many things that children don't, they don't even allow children to try. it must be so good to be an adult, then.
Or so I thought.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Must do what I'm supposed to do

I've got quite a long list of work to do.
but i don't quite know why i'm not doing the work.
I know next week will be such a long week, but i won't be at my office at all, thus all the work will be neglected for the whole week.
I need to focus. On my work.
But I gotta deal with THAT particular stuff first.
Then I can focus on the office work.

Yeah right.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

its precious when its gone, or almost gone.

Its my voice.
I was beginning to have a hoarse voice early last week, but by last Friday it got from bad to worse and I could barely speak audibly.
To speak was to struggle, and the process was too tiring.
I, of all people, are among the ones who should know better regarding vocal hygiene. But nevertheless, I could not escape sore throat, could I.
It was't really a sore throat though.
With high awareness and concern, I went to see a physician. I knew I should go straight to an ENT specialist, but no way I would let myself be scoped.
So a physician it was.
The physician came to a conclusion, I had laryngitis. And he actually lectured me on going on a vocal rest.
I knew it was coming, vocal rest, but to hear it from a non-specialist, it was quite irony.
Usually, doctors (even specialists) would refer their patients to me (and my colleagues) when the patients have voice disorders.
Then I would be the one who advise people what they should and should not do and to go on vocal rest. I wondered if it came across his mind that he should refer me to an SLP for further voice management, would he refer me to me? hahaha.

Now I should do what I preach.
Vocal rest it is.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


yesterday, i did it again.
no, i did not break anyone's heart, at least not how Bri*ney did.
but i think i did hurt someone feelings.
well the real story is like this,
I played netball yesterday. I jumped, I ran, and I semfut (ok this doesn't really relate to the story).
nevertheless I tried my best.
I was playing with my fac-mates, against staff from another faculty.
We'll be having a match next week, and yesterday was our first day of training je pun.
And there I was, forgetting about handling myself with professionalism, and tactfulness.
I forgot I was playing against some staff, whom I'll be working with in the days, and even yearssss to come.
Actually I only made this one remark that the ball was 'ours' (not that the ball was belonged to us but it was our turn to pass the ball) because one of the player from the other team had tapped the ball outside and the other player tapped it back inside and they just kept playing (apakah?).
So I was like, "THE BALL IS OURS! (i was telling (read:yelling to) my team actually), (bola) dah keluar dah pun (i'm not sure this part was for whom)." Perhaps I had yelled unintentionally (the adrenaline was pumping, kan?), and there was one staff (who was wayyy junior) from the other team who got annoyed and replied,
"Eh taulah, ak ala, relaxlah!"

Suddenly I realised, I was only playing with my fellow uni-mates, and it wasn't even a real game!.
Where have all the respects gone?

Well I suppose we were able to recompose ourselves and regained our respect and politeness after the game, because soon after the game ended, we swarmed each other and began to shake hands. Not in the 'hey, good game, see ya-manner', but 'Hi Cik, from which dept are you-and-selamat hari raya manner'.
If you get what I mean.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

arrogant, am I?

Two days ago, I realised I'm an arrogant person.
I myself hate it when I behave that way.
Hate it.
Shouldn't have done that.
But I couldn't help it.
Its just sometimes I feel I need to present myself with confidence, but I think people may read that as pride.
And people will see me as an arrogant person, not someone with confidence.

At work, I need to act professional. Must always appear professional, strong and confident. Sometimes I feel it is hard to act all lemah lembut and berbahasa bunga-bunga penuh kias whatsoever, just to show that I'm being polite to someone else.
Because I feel, even though without 'sugary-acts' I still can (and am) polite and I do respect other people, especially the elders.

But somehow, when I'm around my distant family members and relatives, I feel secluded. I don't really fit in. I've observed this a few times, and I still fail to fit in.
Perhaps its because I rarely see them that I begin to find them strangers?
Or is it because I'm too arrogant to accept that I am still in their league, and I'm still one of them?